Be a Man!

Pavel may be approaching forty, but he still hasn't fully matured. He lives with his mother and lacks the courage to do what would truly fulfill him in life. He only gains it when he meets his childhood sweetheart Tereza and spends an adventurous night with her. However, Tereza is not ready to leave her current life for someone who, according to her, is not a real man. So Pavel decides to become exactly that kind of guy. He signs up for a training camp in the Tatra mountains led by Weisner, who teaches everything from chopping wood to seducing women. Will Pavel manage to overcome himself and become the man that Tereza longs for?

Be a Man!

Key information

Comedy, Romance, Adventure

Michal Samir

Run time:
96 min.

Jakub Prachař, Tereza Ramba, Ondřej Sokol, Sabina Remundová

Year of production:

Czech republic

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