Scent of oranges

In love with a girl that smells of oranges while in a complicated relationship with his father, Darek is gentle, strong and devoted to his little sister and their herd of horses. Darek’s world is a story about the joy and pain of growing up in the isolated yet beautiful Lusatian Mountains. Here, horses are not expensive specimens of racing stables but beings you should care for and love. Not even that is enough in life though, as Darek finds out nearing the Summer’s end, closing his childhood definitely. However, just like any ending, this is a start of something new. This is an adaptation of the book, “The Orange Days,” which has won literary prizes in Europe and been published in five languages.

Scent of oranges

Key information

Drama, Romance

Ivan Pokorný

Run time:
92 min.

Tomáš Dalecký, Emilie Neumeister, Stanislav Majer

Year of production:

Czech republic

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