Pure Devilry

A long time ago, hell needed cleaning up. The devils were plentiful, and because they couldn’t find much work they became a hindrance to each other, a pure mad house. This madness was taken advantage of by two little devils, who purposefully hindered the clean-up. But as fate would have it, one of them tripped over the other and the two knocked over a kettle containing a sinful soul. The soul ran straight for the open gates of hell, that the old devils left open for some fresh air, and before anyone could fully realize what just happened, the soul was gone. Lucifer was furious and decided on a punishment, the devils are to travel to earth and bring one sinful soul back to hell, after that they´ll be granted forgiveness.

Pure Devilry

Key information

Comedy, Family

Zdenek Troska

Run time:
101 min.

Jakub Prachar, Dominick Benedikt, Karel Dobrý

Year of production:

Czech republic

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