In the Duvet

On a pretty square there are two houses facing each other. One has a feather cleaning plant, the other has Mrs. Hilda's cabinet - a dream unloader. And they hate each other to the death. A grandfather from a dry cleaners recently discovered a hidden world of duvet dreams and can filter out bad dreams. The dream interpreter is therefore without work. Everybody in the neighborhood seems to have very nice dreams and they don't go for advice. And if something nasty would break into their dreams ,they just have the duvet cleaned. Bad dreams end up locked in the basement under the dry cleaners. But one day grandfather disappears mysteriously. An adventure that no one ever dreamed of awaits for the whole family of dry cleaners. Fught for dreams and with dreams themselves will culminate in the magical pillow world right in the duvets.

In the Duvet

Key information

Family, Musical

F. A. Brabec

Run time:
103 min.

Lucie Bílá, Karel Roden, Amélie Pokorná, Matěj Převrátil, Bolek Polívka, Eliška Balzerová

Year of production:

Czech republic

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