River Rascals

Parents of brothers Igor and David are preparing a golden wedding. Together with their cousin Ondra, they decides to go there on canoes. Only three of them, just as in the old days. But since the days of graceful driving together, things have changed. For example, Igor and David are married and have children. The welcome dinner for Ondra, who comes with his young girlfriend Zlatica, is turning into a disaster. Zlatica, who longs for a child, learns that Ondra has a daughter he did not mention. Igor promised his wife and their daughters in exchange for a men's ride a family holiday that he could not go to. David's wife praise her husband's care for their four children, but otherwise her peculiar is absolutely useless. All women run out of patience. They leave the gentlemen at the mercy of children and set out on bikes for a women's ride. But dads don't give up and decide to go canoeing with all the kids. And now the ten-member expedition sets sail on a two-day cruise to adventure and a lot of crazy experiences ...

River Rascals

Key information

Comedy, Family

Jiří Chlumský

Run time:
83 min.

Hynek Čermák, Jiří Langmajer, Pavel Liška, Anna Polívková, Tatiana Dyková

Year of production:

Czech republic

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