The Last Noblewoman

The native New Yorker Frank gains an ancient family residence thanks to his noble ancestors - the Kostka Castle. After more than forty years he is preparing to return to the Czech Republic with his daughter Marie and excentric wife Vivien. The new aristocrats are unaware of the local circumstances and Czech reality, which they know only from ancient stories of relatives. Upon arrival, the family discovers that the castle is in a state of gradual disintegration, aside from all social events. The only permanent residents of Kostka are the old-fashioned castellan Josef, the cheerful housekeeper Mrs. Tichá and the hypochondriac handyman Mr. Krása. While the Kostka staff slowly awakens from the tiring sleep of the post-revolutionary 1990s, the Kostka family faces a difficult choice whether to sell the castle and return to America or try to save it.

The Last Noblewoman

Key information


Jiří Vejdělek

Run time:
110 min.

Hynek Čermák, Tatiana Dyková, Yvona Stolařová, Eliška Balzerová

Year of production:

Czech republic

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