The Spooks

Move out or pay rent, work or attend a school! That was the verdict pronounced by an officer Patočka over a family of Hugo the bray-bringer, which live in an old house on the edge of a small town. The family of bray-bringer Hugo consist of supernatural creatures – a Hugo´s wife/witch Patricia, their two children, another witch aunt Žofia, merman Bubla and fairy Jitřenka. They are supposed to attach to the human world, start to work, attend school and most of all start to making money for paying a rent. The end of a family seems to be irrevocable, especially after Hugo loses his voice and his wife Patricia leaves him to fly to her first love, a vampire, to Temesvar. The house should be vacated, which the creatures want to prevent at all costs. They set out to find an officer Patočka, who is in charge of their case, he hears their pleas and advise them what they should do. Merman Bubla begin working at the laundry of lady Karolína as an auxiliary assistant, Hugo incorporates into the dramatic ensemble and there he practises a fairy-tale and fairy Jitřenka becomes a first prima ballerina in the same theatre. All will be pretty much harder than it might seem. A whole family await unbelievable adventures of an unknown world.

 The courageous heroes are about to solve a tough tasks thanks to use of magic, they have to face the traps of a human kingdom, outsmart the red tape and keep their family together. Their colourful and joyful life, endless love and the sense of community are much stronger than greed and meanness of common humans.

The Spooks

Key information

Comedy, Family

Zdenek Troska

Run time:
113 min.

Bronislav Kotis, Tereza Kostková, Carmen Mayerová

Year of production:

Czech republic

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